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About Me

For over 18 years, Kyle Vandermolen has made a noteworthy career as a Chemical Engineer, specializing in safety, industrial hazmat, and chemical spill abatement. His professional career includes positions with leading chemical facilities, the steel industry, and specialty chemical processing firms. Mr. Vandermolen has also served in various panel positions on the Hydrogen Fluoride Panel, which is sponsored by the American Chemistry Council.

He is an expert in best practices, usage, and the safe handling of Hydrogen Fluoride, (also known as hydrofluoric acid), a technical chemical used in metal pickling, glass etching, semiconductor etching, and as a chemical derivative for other industrial chemical compounds.

Education and Training

Kyle Vandermolen of Wentzville, Missouri is a 2004 graduate of Michigan Technological University and holds a Bachelor's of Science in Chemical Engineering. During his higher education student years, Mr. Vandermolen was recruited by and is still an active member of Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity.

During his Michigan Tech years, Mr. Vandermolen participated in many co-curriculum activities, including sitting on the Michigan Tech Judicial Board, membership in the Michigan Tech Student Foundation, and many other Michigan Tech student activities, such as the Michigan Tech football team and New Innovations in Tech Entertainment (N.I.T.E.).

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Kyle Vandermolen
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