Which States Offer the Best Type of Hunting?

Kyle Vandermolen

July 29, 2022

Which States Offer the Best Type of Hunting?

When it comes to hunting, which states offer the best type of deer? This article will discuss Colorado, Montana, New Hampshire, and Mississippi. Each state provides a different kind of deer, but you’re guaranteed to find a species that suits your style. But, how do you know which one is right for you? Keep reading to find out the best hunting in each state! And, don’t forget to check out the best deer hunting places!


Montana is one of the top destinations for big game hunters. The state has a diverse array of wildlife, and the rugged beauty of the scenery makes for an unforgettable experience. To enhance your experience, choose the right rifle and cartridge for the job. If you plan to hunt a variety of games, match your caliber to the largest animal you expect to harvest. If you’re only interested in pursuing one specific species, choose a gun that fits the area you’ll be hunting in.


While Colorado is not the most significant state for hunting, it has abundant resources and diverse terrain for hunters to enjoy. The state has an abundance of black bear and mountain lion populations. Depending on the season, you can go on a bear hunt or try to track one of these elusive creatures. The best part about Colorado hunting is the diversity of wildlife you can see while in the field. You might even get to see a mountain lion while you’re out there.

New Hampshire

There are several opportunities to hunt in New Hampshire. There are countless options, from the state’s rugged mountains to the clear lakes and beaches in the southeast. The state has nearly seven hundred thousand acres of public land to explore. There are also several species of game to choose from, including moose. While moose hunting may be limited, many people are interested in participating in this exciting activity.


Mississippi has some of the most acceptable hunting grounds in the country. The state has over 200 Boone and Crockett animals and plenty of quality bucks logged each year that didn’t qualify for the prestigious awards. Hunters will have their pick from the western third of the state in counties close to the Mississippi River. Mississippi’s more fertile areas produce the highest quality deer, so focus on these areas for the best chances at harvesting trophy buck. These areas have the most fertile soil, such as the Delta and Batture regions. In addition, the Blackland Prairie and Loess regions tend to produce the best quality deer.


Arkansas is home to many hunting opportunities, ranging from bear and alligator hunting to traditional elk and deer. Deer hunting is popular in Arkansas and can be done using a modern gun. The season for elk begins in November and lasts until December. There are also different dove hunting seasons, including bow or muzzle-loading rifles.


With its diverse landscape and abundant wildlife, Louisiana is an athlete’s paradise and offers a variety of game animal and fishing hunting opportunities. Duck hunters, for example, will find paradise in Louisiana, which offers excellent waterfowl hunting from November to January. With its many managed areas and location in the Mississippi flyway, Louisiana has a lot to offer the avid hunter. Here are some tips for finding the best hunting spots.


Wyoming has several hunting opportunities, but the state is especially famous for mule deer. The state is divided into general regions, and there are also unit-specific draw tags. Though some unit-specific hunts are good, most of the best mule deer hunting occurs in available parts. In addition, the state has several other wildlife areas, including bears, wolves, elk, and pheasants.