Examples of Companies That Hire Chemical Engineers

Kyle Vandermolen

July 6, 2022

kyle vandermolen


The majority of employers will accept applications from graduates of any degree subject. But if you are looking to work in a specialized industry, then work experience can be very useful. Chemical engineers should aim to complete some form of industrial placement as part of their degree, or even as part of a summer internship. Here are some examples of companies that hire chemical engineers:

Chevron Phillips Chemical

If you’re looking for a career that will challenge you and allow you to grow, you might consider Chevron Phillips Chemical, a Texas-based manufacturer of petrochemical products. In addition to chemical engineering, this company is looking for data engineers, operations engineers, and data scientists. In addition to the numerous career options, Chevron Phillips Chemical offers competitive salaries and excellent benefits. As a matter of fact, Chevron Phillips Chemical employees report a sense of purpose and fair compensation.

Dow Chemical

Do you want to work for a multinational company that offers competitive salaries and benefits? Dow Chemical is one of the companies that hire chemical engineers. The company has a global presence and employs over 55,000 people. You can find a variety of jobs across different departments, including production engineer, senior reliability engineer, and a customer service specialist. The average salary for these positions is $109,609 per year, but additional compensation and bonuses may be available as well.


Chevron is a multinational corporation that produces and markets transportation fuels. It also explores for crude oil, produces natural gas, refines, and markets these fuels. They also produce and sell petrochemicals, including gasoline additives, and generate power from geothermal energy. Chevron hires chemical engineers for many different positions in their operations. All of these processes rely on engineering to function properly.

HEXPOL Compounding

As the world’s leading provider of silicone, synthetic rubber, and special product additives, HEXPOL Compounding requires a talented workforce to maintain the quality of its products. This company has been hiring chemical engineers for years and has grown to include jobs in nearly every aspect of business. Co-op students in the company’s NAFTA locations can find a range of opportunities in areas such as quality engineering, human resources, and production operations. During a six-month rotation, students will get a feel for four different Hexpol locations.

Westlake Chemical

Westlake Chemical is a well-known chemical manufacturing company in the United States. They employ around 8,800 people. Approximately 38% are women and 62% are men. The most common ethnicity is White, followed by Black or African American and Hispanic or Latino. This company is also a Republican company, and the average employee stays with them for 5.3 years. Employees make an average salary of $69,319 a year.


DuPont is an American chemical company that has expanded its business into agricultural, building materials, and lubricants. Currently, it seeks chemical operators and engineers to join their team. Chemical engineers earn an average yearly salary of $108,976 and can earn bonuses and relocation assistance. In addition, they may receive a variety of other benefits, such as paid leave and flexible schedules.


The aerospace manufacturing giant Boeing is in need of chemical engineers who can work with its latest technologies. Whether they specialize in aeronautics, aerospace manufacturing, or telecommunications, Boeing depends on chemical engineers to achieve its goals. Boeing is also an Equal Opportunity Employer, and employees are treated equally regardless of protected characteristics. This means that Boeing hires chemical engineers from diverse backgrounds and has many opportunities for advancement. In addition to hiring chemical engineers, Boeing also seeks data scientists, cyber security analysts, and data engineers.